How to develop a national strategy to prevent CV disease?

Slides (presentatie) - 3 nov. 2011

How to develop a national strategy to prevent cardiovascular disease? 

Prof. Sir Roger Boyle – National director for heart desase and stroke
University College London, United Kingdom

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Cardiovascular Exchange Summit 2011

The English NHS

An inconsistent triad in healthcare

Change in philosophy in the NHS

Building capacity in the NHS

Satisfaction with the NHS is increasing

Spending on Health, 1980–2007

Efficiency scores

Age-standardised CHD mortality

Cardiology in the 1990s in England

National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease


Launch in March 2000

Modernising care

Levers for change

National audits and registries

Heart programme-Twin track approach

Ban on advertising

We say we take responsibility…

Cholesterol levels

Trend in prescriptions for CV drugs

Rapid access chest pain clinics

Thrombolysis rates for acute myocardial infarction

Proportion of patients discharged on secondary prevention medication

Falling mortality rates – MINAP data

Falling mortality rates – MINAP data

People on the Waiting List for CABG by No. of Months on the List

Circulatory Disease Mortality Target

53% reduction

UK - Netherlands comparison


Mortality from all circulatory diseases

Travelling east from Westminster, each tube stop represents nearly one year of life expectancy lost

CV Deaths averted

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