Prevention of CV disease: Targeting smoking cessation as a strategy

Slides (presentatie) - 7 nov. 2011

Prevention of CV disease: Targeting smoking cessation as a strategy

Prof. Richard Hobbs– Professor of Primary Health Care
Oxford University, United Kingdom


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Cardiovascular Exchange Summit 2011

The three big killers

Quitting smoking at any age increases life expectancy

Smoking and cancer deaths

Lung cancer mortality is almost constant in ex-smokers

The benefits of cessation even after diagnosis of lung cancer

Smoking multiplicative risk factor for CAD

Government policies on smoking

Prevalence of depression

Survey of patient's views having had the doctor discuss smoking

Advising to quit versus offer of treatment

A high proportion of patients accept treatment

The best way to help your patients stop smoking

The 2nd best way

Evidence-based tips for dealing with cravings

Forms of NRT-dosage and use

Clinical efficacy of nicotine replacement therapy


Clinical efficacy of buproprion

Recruitment to abstinence

Varenicline: adverse events

Options to consider


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