Imaging in Cardiovascular Disease

Slides (presentatie) - 19 apr. 2012

Imaging in Cardiovascular Disease

Deze presentatie is gehouden door:
Prof. Zahi Fayad, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA
tijdens de Cardio Vasculaire Conferentie op 16 maart 2012

Bekijk of download de presentatie

Bekijk of download de presentatie

Imaging in Cardiovascular Disease

Standard imaging biomarkers in cancer-FDG-PET/CT

Up-and-coming imaging biomarkers in cancer

Utility of atherosclerosis imaging in the evaluation of drug therapies

Clinical non invasive imaging of plaques


Moderate Carotid Artery Stenosis: MR Imaging– depicted-Intraplaque Hemorrhage Predicts Risk of Cerebrovascular Ischemic Events in Asymptomatic Men

Incidence of cerebrovascular events between arteries with (MRIPH Positive) and those without (MRIPH Negative) MR-depicted IPH


Sosnovik D et al. Basic Res Cardiol. 2008 March; 103(2): 122–130

Risk factors associated with plaque characteristics seen on MRI in various population-based studies

FDG-PET/CT detection of plaque

Up-regulation of Glycolysis and Glycolytic Genes With Classic/Innate But Not Alternative Activation

FDG Uptake By Macrophages

Measuring atherosclerosis FDG-PET/CT

First multi-center RCT w statins

Effect of P38 MAP Kinase Inhibition on Vascular FDG Uptake

First multi-center multimodal RCT

Sample MRI Images from a patient at baseline and treated with dalcetrapib 600 mg for 24 Months showing regression in Total Vessel Area (TVA)

Coronary FDG PET

Vascular FDG signal identifies future atherothrombotic events

Imaging intraplaque inflammation in carotid atherosclerosis with 11C-PK11195 PET/CT

18F-sodium fluoride activity in the aortic valve – active calcification marker?

1st MR/PET Whole-Body System (Dec 2009): Integration of low-radiation high-contrast & metabolic information

• CT limited to photon absorption by tissue or contrast medium

RECENT MR/PET hardware developments

Spectral CT with energy-resolving detector

Multicolor molecular CT imaging

Multicolor/Spectral CT photon counting imaging

Cardiovascular nanotechnology: the opportunity

Osborn EA & Jaffer F JACC Imaging 2012

HDL: a contrast/drug delivery platform

Nanoparticle – Drug Delivery

High Risk Patients: New Treatment Paradigm

Nanoparticle (NP)-glucocorticoids (1 injection) with imaging used to evaluate efficacy - FDG-PET/CT

1st in man trial with glucocorticoids liposomes for atherosclerosis treatment@AMC, Netherlands

Statins have high liver uptake and low bioavailability to atherosclerotic macrophages

Statin loaded rHDL nanoparticles ([S]-rHDL) target atherosclerotic macrophages


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